søndag 29. juli 2012

Steam CSS Keygen I Made - Enjoy.

Well i started learning how to make keygens, bruteforcers osv.
And i did months of work on it. I finally made it.
So it works completely fine, just click on Request key, and it generates one for you.
http://sharecash.org/download.php?file=2980088 There's the download for it.
Just do a tiny survey, it's completely free. The reason im doing that, is because i get payed by sharecash for it, and i need it to keep my work going, i'll make new hacks etc, just for you.
So please don't think this is another scam.
I worked my ass off on it. Have a fun gaming, and remember to like my videos on my youtube channel @KoBeGraal
I'm banned from graal for like two years left now, but you can talk to me on my facebook, i havent been on alot, but well just send me a message.
- KoBe

torsdag 16. februar 2012

Well 1 Months Wasted On This Thing, You Gotta Enjoy It. GraalBot Beta DOWNLOAD Wallhack

Lolz, i made myself an FaceBook Graal wallhack app, which will work as soon ask you click on it.
It's not very likely as other apps, but it's an .exe and it gives you ability to walk through everything on the graal server. I made a link here: http://bayfiles.com/file/35o7/0ToSeG/GraalBot_0.1.exe if it doesn't work, try this: http://www.mediafire.com/?1iqxuqhlnr88ylx
just start the file, and you can either be on facebook graal, and then click it, or you can start it, and then login to facebook. Lol, but hope this works for you it worked for me.
Antivirus softwares may react on files like these, but Game hack programs has always been a threat to antivirus programs. There's also some proxies in the file, that defenders may react on. Sorry if you don't understand me. GraalBot Beta Released! It's simply a trainer, and it has different features like mousewarp, so have a good day.

lørdag 4. februar 2012

My Last Hack - Graal Classic Clone App

Hello. I said i've quit, and its true, but i just found out this new hack that i think you all have been talking about. I'm too lazy to show you how, but i'll make a link to a graalclassic ipa file. I PATCHED THE GRAAL IPA FILE , AND ALSO YOU CAN OFCOURSE HAVE MORE THAN 2 APPS, YOU CAN HAVE Thousands, but i'm not putting up tutorial on that too

Tutorial: This simple hack gives you a second Graalclassic app on your springboard, and then you can use Udid Faker to make different graal accounts on your iPod, without remembering the Udid code everytime you're going to access your other account. So this is how you do it. Download from here: http://bayfiles.com/file/2ck3/U94fK8/GraalOnlineClassic%2B.ipa Download it either by safari download manager from cydia, because that's the easiest way, or SSH it with your computer. Search youtube for SSH tutorial. Download iFile from Cydia, and Udid Faker also. JAILBROKEN NEEDED FOR THIS TO WORK, Download Installous 4 from Cydia, and after that,  put the .api file into /var/mobile/documents/Installous/Downloads.
After you have done that, go to installous, and click downloads and install the graalclassic+ file. Now you will have 2 graalclassic+ apps on your iPod/iPhone screen.
Now the second part is easy, you just need udid faker from cydia, and go into it. Click one of the Graal apps and tap random udid. Now you will have 1 account on every graal app.

 Sorry for explaining like shit, but were in a hurry, and my internet is shit right now gettin'  a new router in monday, please comment if you like. Nobody has told me this, i just found it so please don't copy this hack on other blog sites like people did with my spin sword so cya:=) - KoBe

fredag 23. desember 2011

Bye Folks, Quit Graal.

                         I Quit, but i already did that like a year ago, but now im not playing anymore, because my Non-VIP account got banned for reason: ''Spamming porn sites'', which i had never done, so just a tips: don't let kids which are trying to be funny be staff, cuz it always ends up as shitfuck. So i can't access the VIP account, because it has greenscreen ban when i start graal. My iPod Touch 3g is also not working (stuck in apple logo) + iTunes 3194 error, won't restore. You'll maybe see me sometimes on Graal when i'm bored and on facebook graal. Because it works from there.  It's kinda sad, that all hack sites are dead now, like bryson's blog, iPepsi's blog, r0b0g3nius's blog, and ye W.T.F hack site with trainers for pc graal. Bai.

mandag 25. april 2011

Some Shield Codes

Heres Some Shield Codes, and remember to write space two times, then write setshield and the code:


onsdag 13. april 2011


Hello, Here is a hack that makes you able to go off map. there are warps all over offmap-places right now, but it can take you to houses off map. Here's Tutorial to how to do it: First download udp unicorn from this site Link: http://sourceforge.net/projects/udpunicorn/ then enter it and you will see a bar there it says:  Target:, then delete where it says, and write: 27 .27 .27 .27 into it. Find where it says Delay: then write 1 instead of 10 so it doesn't take much time.
Plug your iPod touch into computer by charger, and make sure it's charging.
Press now ''Attack'', and make sure the data is sending underneath the attack-button.
You must be into Graal Classic before pressing attack.
Wait for all people to be gone, or not moving, then walk at the very end of the map and wait for a green grass to pop out. If that happens you can now walk on it and all over the map, and onto cliffs.
Find a spot off map where it isn't any warps, then press ''Stop Unicorns''.
It may not work all the time, because iPod may disconnect, but when you wait there suddenly everything will be a place, and map and friend list will work, and you're off map.
Hack Into Offmap Houses:
To Udp unicorn hack into a house do the exactly the same thing, and when you have get the greenscreen-grass thing go off map into any house which there aren't a door on.
Then it will say loading... on your ipod right corner. Now press ''Stop Unicorns'', again and wait until you are into the house. Now you can invite all your friends by game center there, but make sure you or them don't walk out the door, because then they will get warped back to graal town.

fredag 25. februar 2011

Spin Sword

hey i was just testing ganis i tried to remove them and replace, and i found a sword-spin glitch.
I don't mean im the only one who knows it, it might be any other player who has found it before me but i'm just gonna tell you how to.
Tutorial: First you need jailbreak and you must have iFile downloaded from Cydia.
Go on ifile then var/mobile/applications/GraalClassicPlus.app
Then press it and go to GraalOnlineClassicPlus.app. Then go to offline/levels/ganis.
Then delete sword.gani, and after you've done that find spin.gani and then press the blue arrow on right side of it and change the name from spin.gani to sword.gani.
Now enter Graal and press your sword and you will spin everytime you do it.
Redownload graal to get it away.